Discover the World with Tauck River Cruises

Tauck River Cruises is much more than just a vacation, it’s an amazing experience. You are welcomed with warm greetings as you board the ship. Tauck has been operating for more than 90 years on land, sea and river. The Tauck family has had a passion for sailing yachts and small ships on seas, rivers and waterways worldwide. They are considered the best land and river cruising company in the world. In 2014, they received an award naming them the World’s Best River Cruise Line by Travel & Leisure. Their exquisite all inclusive vacations make their guests keep coming back time and time again.

Custom Designed Ship Fleet…

Tauck River Cruises has a fleet of ships that all feature luxurious and sophisticated suites and cabins. It is an intimate, relaxing environment with only 118 to 130 passengers onboard. The custom designed, spacious river boats provide personalized service and European-style dining. The ships in the fleet include the ms Swiss Emerald, ms Espirit, ms Inspire, ms Swiss Jewel, ms Swiss Sapphire, ms Savor and the ms Treasures.

All Inclusive, you’ll feel pampered….

Tauck River Cruises offers all-inclusive vacations. This means that your suite or cabin, all meals onboard and onshore, shore excursions and access to unlimited beverages including beer, wine and premium spirits is included in your vacation price. This value is unique and is not offered elsewhere in the river cruising industry. In addition, you receive impeccable service from warm, friendly and charming staff members that make you feel pampered and adored throughout your entire river cruise experience.

Food and Dining, Pure Indulgence…

You will indulge in savory, spicy and sweet dishes that are created with fresh ingredients collected from around the world. The chef’s and professional culinary staff take pride in serving amazing international cuisine that is often made from seasonal produce. Savor every bite of gourmet dishes, chocolates, desserts and more onboard your Tauck River cruise.

Amazing Destinations Offer Choice….

You have your choice of exciting destinations to choose from, including South America, Central America, New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia, Japan, India, China, Antarctica, Africa, Portugal, Spain, the Baltics, Russia, Scandinavia, Turkey, the Mediterranean, Italy, Ireland, Great Britain, France, Western Canada, the Western region of the United States, the Southern region of the United States and the Mid-region of the United States, Hawaii and Alaska. Every destination has a thrilling shore excursion to participate in.

Shore Excursions, Cultural Experiences….

Once you reach your desired destination you will be captivated, entertained and excited to explore and discover all that the location has to offer. Tauck River Cruises offers exclusive, behind-the-scenes cultural experiences and shore excursions. Bring your camera along to capture all of the memorable and amazing experiences that you will find in the heart of the city and culture.

Award-Winning River Cruises

Tauck River Cruises has award-winning river cruises that will inspire your soul and surround you with beauty and history. The delightful Danube River cruise sails through the heart of Europe. The fascinating Rhine River cruise allows you to view Gothic cathedrals, Castles, Dutch windmills and picturesque vineyards. Sail along the France River and soak in the beautiful landscapes. The ancient Roman ruins await you on the Rhone river cruise. Visit the famous Giverny Gardens where the famous artist Monet was inspired by its beauty and breathtaking serenity.

Tauck River Cruises allows you to go beyond the ordinary and discover, explore and indulge in history, culture, art and cuisine around the world. This isn’t your ordinary river cruise, Tauck River Cruises provides a unique experience and an exciting way to see the world.

You will be captivated by your adventures with Tauck. The amazing destinations will motivate you to take even more vacations per year. The staff is friendly, professional, knowledgeable and welcomes you with warmth and charm. The more frequently you sail with Tauck River Cruises, you will begin to feel like part of a family that indulges in traveling to exotic locations.

Tauck cares about the way their guests view the world. They are dedicated to providing their guests with an inspirational, captivating and amazing cruise vacation. Bring your camera along on your Tauck River Cruises to capture amazing photographs that you will cherish forever.






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