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Travel can be a rewarding and exciting experience

……but you have to get it right.


Melbourne based luxury travel agency shares her personal story, help clients plan their luxury travel experience:


I believe I was born to travel.


When I started as a flight attendant at a young age for a major Australian airline, I began to realise that I wanted to experience what the passengers on my flights experienced, to discover other cultures and learn other ways of life, to find out about food and ancient architecture around the world, you meet interesting people, it’s the best life education you can get, that is why I jumped at the chance to buy a travel business when it was offered to me over 30 years ago, I became a travel consultant, with a passion and set out on a journey to experience travelling first hand, I soon discovered I could work in a profession where I made people happy, now with 60 plus overseas trips when I sit down to tailor a plan for a client I put myself in the client’s shoes and ask myself how could I make this the best possible holiday experience and tailor it to meet the client’s criteria as if it were mine.

I want to offer the best experience that is available when planning a trip, naturally the client’s preference is the priority then I go and search for the best options. prospective travellers should read ATAS before they decide to travel, I am a member of ATAS which is administered by the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) which was set up between the Federal Government and the travel industry to outline some of the pitfalls for travellers, a good consultant can save you money when often the unsuspecting traveler makes poor decisions through lack of knowledge, people use specialists for their tax, medical issues and other important matters, so it makes sense to use a travel specialist, why take a chance with your hard earned money on what could be the trip of a lifetime, we do all of the running around for you including arranging travel insurance, car hire, source and book the best hotels, your airline tickets, arrange your visas, sim-cards, why do it yourself when you have a professional consultant to do it for you for very little cost.

You hope your trip goes perfectly and so do we, that’s the way we plan it, but if anything does go wrong you have access to your consultant, if any issue arises you have access to help if you need it.

I specialise in personal and corporate travel to conferences and other business requirements. Whether your destination is anywhere in Australia or you if wish to travel to the four corners of the globe you can be assured the best possible package will be tailored to suit you.

Happy travelling, warmest regards,

Gloria Hartney

Founder, Right Connections Travel
03 9525 4574

Middle Park, Melbourne





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