Best Cruises from Sydney

Cruises from Sydney

    4 Ships That Allow You to Enjoy the Best of Cruises from Sydney There is absolutely no doubt, the Circular Quay in Sydney has played host to a larger number of smiling sailors than any other destination in

Cruises from Melbourne

Cruises from Melbourne

Getting the Best Cruises from Melbourne for a Vacation Like No Other They say man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shores. Well, at Right Connections Travel, we make that happen –

Cruises from Brisbane

Cruises from Brisbane

4 Lines That Offer the Best Cruises from Brisbane Whether you want to sail northwards to the Vanuatu Islands or to escape to an exotic destination in any part of the world, cruises from Brisbane are no doubt a treat

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A Cruise Agent Based in Melbourne, Offering Tailored Packages at Competitive Prices

Finding a great cruise holiday that provides great value for money is often a confusing and frustrating undertaking. But with help from a professional cruising agent, things can get much better. At Right Connections Travel, we strive to provide a wide range of cruise holidays. Being a cruise agent Melbourne, we offer different cruising packages around the world and across Australia. 

Whether you are looking for Melbourne river cruises, ocean cruises, adult cruises, cruises from Brisbane or even cruises from Sydney, Right Connections Travel is your home of choice. Our reputation has been established as the trusted cruise agent Melbourne for travellers who want the best deals with the world’s leading cruise lines. Our goal is to provide you with the platform to tour the world and indulge with some of the best kept travel secrets at the most competitive prices.

Why Choose Us?


Team of Experts

Our team is made up of experts versed with matters travel so they can provide personalized services. They will tailor every experience to your individual requirements allowing you to have experiences and memories of a lifetime. So, whatever your preference, Right Connections Travel will provide you with all the options for a perfect cruise holiday. Our well-trained team will also be with you every step of the way from your first consultation until the time you get back home. 

Great Reputation 

With over 20 years of experience operating as cruise agent Melbourne, our reputation is above board. Therefore, you can always embark on your cruise with confidence and peace of mind knowing that every detail of your holiday is expertly managed by a reputable agent. Because of our first-hand experience in cruising industry, you can be sure that every cruise vacation we recommend is based on extensive knowledge of the industry. 

Personalized Attention

Just in case something goes wrong, having someone experienced to assist you is important. Our cruise agent Melbourne are always just a call away. We will help you get where you need to be and resolve any problems that you might experience while on your cruise holiday. And in the rare case that you need to make a travel insurance claim after you return home, we will follow up everything on your behalf until things are resolved to your satisfaction. You just have to get in touch with us and our customer support personnel will be happy to assist you with anything you might need. We make your travel experience a lot less stressful. 

Access to Perks

When you choose Right Connections Travel to help you book a cruise holiday, we can help you save some cash. We often have access to great perks like special cruise cabin rates that you might not get if you choose to work on your own. Beyond pricing, we can always get you special amenities like insider tours or ship board credits to enhance your cruise holiday. This ensures you get more value for your money. So, next time don’t shy away from using a cruise agent Melbourne.

Time Saving

Sometimes spending hours browsing the internet to find best cruise deal gets you results but other times, it just frustrates. But when you work with us, we do all the legwork to get you options that best meet all your needs. And with our access to information about rates and routes that you might not have, we can save you time. We know who as well as how to reach out to get the job done thereby saving you a lot of frustrations. 

We Understand the Fine Print

Having been in the industry for quite long, we are aware of the rules, terms and even conditions. Therefore, we can easily help you navigate to ensure you don’t end up committing mistakes that could cost you a lot in the long run. So, no need to worry if you don’t read or understand the tiny, small print when working with a cruise agent Melbourne. 

Priceless Advice

Perhaps you have always wished to take a cruise, but you are not sure where to go or which is the best cruise ship to use. At Right Connections Travel, we help you navigate the endless array of package options. We will help you plan a cruise holiday that meets all your requirements by being with you every step of the way. Our staff are available anytime to answer any questions you might have from what you need to carry for your cruise to what and when to snack. This way, you can focus on taking the cruise alone and nothing else stressful. 

It’s All About You

We are not in this business just to fill up our pockets. Our mission is all about creating happy clients so they can come back year after year and even recommend us to others. We are happy when we can find great deals for our clients thereby allowing them to save. So, if we know of a better cruise package, our cruise agent Melbourne will suggest it and that is all. We are not pushy so we just let the customer make the final decision. 

Customized Holiday

We have all the necessary resources and knowledge to seamlessly provide you the exact cruise holiday you’re looking for. We have an ever-expanding list of contacts from the best cruise lines to help us provide you with only the best experience. So regardless of the cruise holiday package you want, our cruise agent Melbourne will personalize it for you according to your budget and other requirements. Customizing the holiday for you ensures you have a unique and memorable experience.


Cruise holiday packages don’t need to be insanely expensive. Even folks on a budget should be able to enjoy a cruise holiday. That is why at Right Connections Travel, affordability is key. We have cruise holidays for all people so there is no excuse not to enjoy a cruise holiday with our cruise agent Melbourne. 

For the perfect cruise holiday, navigate our website to explore your options. You can also give our cruise agent Melbourne a call or simply drop in for a holiday package just for you. 


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