Live Life Well with Viking Luxury River Cruises

Here at Melbourne’s most experienced luxury travel agency you can explore the world in style and sophistication aboard Viking River Cruises. Discover secret treasures, exotic destinations, breathtaking scenery and captivating cultures around the world. Viking River Cruises guides you on your exciting journey of exploration while surrounded in luxury and comfort. Leave the pressures and stress of everyday life behind as you experience the world in a fascinating way.

Viking River Cruises Vessels and Accommodation…

You will be traveling on a Viking vessel that is part of the most extensive fleet of river cruise vessels in the region. They are uniquely designed for luxury and comfort as well as decorated beautifully with attention to every detail. The vessels have a streamlined design and innovating engineering. Every Viking vessel is equipped to navigate the world and allow guest’s access to a variety of exciting and exotic destinations. The Viking fleet includes Viking Longship Aegir, Alvisin, Atla, Baldur, Bestla, Bragi, Buri, Delling, Eir, Eistla, Embla, Forseti, Freya, Gefjon, Gullveig, Heimdal, Hermod, Tor, Var, Hlin, Idi, Idun, Ingvi, Jarl, Kara, Kvasir, Lif, Lofn, Magni, Mani, Mimir, Modi,
Skirnir, Njord,Odin, Rinda, Skadi, Ve, Vidar and Vili. All of the vessels in the Viking River Cruises fleet have beautiful, spacious staterooms and suites with either French balconies or Veranda’s. They have incredible sun decks, panoramic views, al fresco dining and much more.

Viking River Cruises offer Captivating Destinations….

Viking River Cruises creates interesting and exciting itineraries. You can choose from exciting river cruise options such as the Grand European Tour, Passage to Eastern Europe, Romantic Danube, Rhine Getaway, Cities of Light in Prague and Paris, European Sojourn, Tulips and Windmills, Elegant Elbe, Paris and the heart of Normandy, Portraits of Southern France, Frances Finest, Portugal’s River Gold, European Odyssey, Treasures of Europe, Treasures of Southern France, Danube Explorer, Imperial Cities of Europe, Legends of the Rhine, the Rhine Rhapsody, Heart of Germany, Waterways of the Tsars in Russia, Imperial Jewels of China, Magnificent Mekong, Memories of Mandalay, Roof of the World and China’s Cultural Delights. Each specific cruise option is designed to perfection and provides guest’s with exposure to exotic destinations, cuisine, culture, history, art and architecture.

Exceptional Cuisine….

Viking River Cruises is dedicated to providing you with excellent choices. The highly skilled chef’s onboard each vessel believes that food is meant to be more than just a quick bite, it’s meantViking River Cruises Longships Aquavit Terrace to be savored and enjoyed. The wide variety of dishes prepared onboard, are created with fresh produce that is from local sources and the herbs are often chosen from the organic herb garden located onboard. Each dish is prepared to perfection and with care. If you are interested in cuisine and would like to learn more, you have the opportunity to accompany an onboard chef to the local market where the chef will share valuable details and information about the cuisine in the area. Depending on what region you are visiting, the food onboard will match the authentic dishes offered at the port-of-calls. Not only is the cuisine exceptional but your entire dining experience is as well. You can choose to dine in the restaurants or al fresco on the beautiful and elegant sun deck.

As you sail along the most beautiful rivers in the world, you are surrounded by breathtaking, picturesque and ever changing scenery from the comfort of your stateroom, suite or the ship itself. There are large windows located throughout the vessel which allow guests with extraordinary panoramic views. As you indulge in savoring every moment onboard relaxing and tasting delectable cuisine, you will be whisked away to each port of call on the itinerary.

Always bring your camera with you to each destination so you can capture moments and memories of a lifetime. In addition, you may want to keep your camera handy while you are onboard as well. With the ever changing scenery outside the windows you are sure to capture impeccable pictures that will impress your family and friends back home. Perhaps you may be able to convince them to join you on your next exciting and beautiful Viking River Cruise.

Your mind will be captivated as you and your loved ones enjoy exploring the many destinations and unique experiences during your cruise holiday. Viking River Cruises will become part of your family beginning from your very first cruise.




Join Avalon Waterways for Extraordinary Luxury River Cruises Experience

Avalon Waterways Luxury River Cruises provides unique holidays, exquisite food, beautiful destinations and affordable luxury. They have a close relationship with Globus, which has more than 85 years experience planning itineraries around the world and providing guests with unique opportunities, experiences and excursions that create memories to last a lifetime. Avalon Waterways takes pride in raising the bar with their passion for detail and their drive to create extraordinary experiences and holidays for their guests.

Extraordinary Youngest Fleet of River Cruises ships….

When you travel on the Avalon Waterway state-of-the-art ships you are surrounded by luxury and beauty. The award-winning fleet is the youngest fleet for European River Cruises today. Avalon Waterways is dedicated to creating the best ships that offer thoughtful functionality, beautiful décor, inspired design, innovative technology and large staterooms using the highest quality materials. They are involved with developing and creating the ship design and every detail until the finished product is delivered. You can be assured you are traveling on exquisite ships every time you vacation with Avalon Waterways.

Exquisitely Designed Accommodation….

Your suite or stateroom becomes your home away from home. You can enjoy relaxing, solitude moments in your room that is exquisitely designed to perfection. Your bed faces a wall of glass that provides you Avalon River Cruises Exquisitely Designed Fleetwith breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean and landscape. The bathrooms are spacious and have elegant décor such as premium fixtures, marble countertops and are filled with luxurious L’Occitane bath products for you to indulge in and enjoy. You willbe surrounded by luxury, elegance and sophistication that will inspire your spirit to be peaceful and relaxed.

Delectable Food….

Savor every bite of food and every sip of wine as you indulge in hand crafted recipes created by culinary artisans. They use the highest quality ingredients to create unique dishes and that will impress you and have you desiring more. All of the a’ la carte meals include a variety of delectable dishes. They also offer vegetarian dishes and other healthy options. Your dining choices include breakfast buffets, afternoon tea, lunch buffet, Chef-inspired regional and Western recipes, four-course dinners, drink specials and much more. You are sure to enjoy the many delectable dishes, drinks and desserts.

Exciting Destinations….

You will be captivated by the beauty, history, art and culture at every port of call. Avalon Waterways River Cruises can escort you in luxurious style to amazing destinations around the world, including Europe, Asia, South America and North America. You can also choose their wonderful Christmas River Cruises as well as their themed river cruises.

Intriguing Land Excursions….

Immerse yourself into the culture at every port of call with Avalon Waterways award-winning land programs. You have access to world-class guides that will help you experience each destination to its fullest. They will explain details about the history of the city, people, art, cuisine and much more. There are daily port lectures at every port of call plus you can enjoy guided sightseeing tours led by certified local guides that can expose the deepest secrets of the city. When attending one of these amazing tours, you also have VIP access to unique experiences and you will never have to wait on long lines.  Explore the city and allow yourself to be immersed in the culture of each unique land you visit.

Remember to bring along your camera to every destination. You will find yourself taking pictures and capturing unique, once in a lifetime moments during your entire holiday. Your adventure begins the moment you step onto the award-winning vessel and are greeted by professional, friendly and warm welcoming staff.

Leave your everyday life and itinerary behind and completely savor every moment of luxury onboard and at each exciting destination. Avalon Waterways is proud to offer their guests a river cruises holiday of a lifetime. You will be surrounded by elegance, sophistication and serenity as you travel from destination to destination. You will experience amazing destinations in a new and exciting way. You will feel so comfortable and your spirit will be filled with happiness as you enjoy your river cruises with Avalon Waterways. Serenity, peace, indulgence, delicious cuisine, adventure and luxury await you. You will have an experience of a lifetime that will make you want to holiday with Avalon Waterways River Cruises every chance you get.

Avalon River Cruises Outdoor Area






Discover Beautiful Destinations with Uniworld River Cruises

Pack your bags and prepare to experience and discover the world in a new way with Uniworld River Cruises. Uniworld is an award-winning cruise company that offers its guests impeccable service and all inclusive voyages. You will sail on a ship that has only 130 guests and the highest staff-to-ratio in the river cruise industry. Your wishes will be met with enthusiasm by the staff as they make all of your dreams come true. Your all inclusive cruise includes your stateroom, dining, shore excursion, unlimited bar and much more.

Boutique Fleet and Accommodations….

The ship fleet includes the River Countess, S.S. Catherine, S.S. Antoinette, S.S. Maria Theresa, River Beatrice, River Queen, River Royale, River Duchess, River Empress, River Princess, River Ambassador, River Baroness, River Victoria, Queen Isabel, River Orchid, River Tosca, Century Legend and Century Paragon. The exquisite staterooms are decorated to perfection and exude elegance and luxury. The staterooms have hand crafted savior of England beds, marble bathrooms that feature L’Occitane en Provence products, Egyptian cotton linens, open-air balconies or French balconies.

Exquisite River Cruises Dining….

You will be delighted with the many options of delectable cuisine offered on your Uniworld river cruises vacation. When you are sailing on a European or Russian cruise you will Uniworld River Cruises Buffethave the opportunity to choose from the finest quality foods that are prepared with localingredients. The recipes include regional, local and season recipes. Wine enthusiasts will be captivated with the extensive wine list. Enjoy gourmet dinners, afternoon tea, onboard tastings and demonstrations, healthy dishes, signature dishes and al fresco dining. Your cruise vacation to destinations such as Vietnam, China and Cambodia provide you with the opportunity to indulge in authentic cuisine and dishes. You will enjoy dim sum, delectable culinary treats, Tang Dynasty dinners and traditional dishes of the region. 

Exciting River Cruises Destinations and Onshore Programs…

You will be captivated and intrigued with the many destinations you will visit while on your Uniworld river cruises vacation. You will visit destinations within Europe, Russia, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. Your adventure will bring you to exciting destinations as you sail Europe’s rivers such as the Danube, Seine, Rhine, Moselle and many more. You will view waterside villages as you embark on your journey to learn more about the land, history, people, art, cuisine and architecture. The excitement of Asia will captivate you and surround you with its colorful culture, history, architecture, cuisine and unique experiences. Uniworld offers a variety of onshore programs that you can choose from. If you are an adventurer who seeks out thrilling activities you can choose the “Go Active” onshore program. If you prefer strolling the streets and exploring the destination on foot, you will want to choose the “Gentle Walking” option. One more option that you can choose is the “Choice is Yours” option, this will allow you to do just that, choose what you would like to experience at the destination.

As you savor every moment of your cruise holiday, you will begin to feel more and more at home. The staff goes above and beyond just customer service, they find ways to grant you your wishes and make your every desire come true. Uniworld provides six star river cruises experiences that are all inclusive. They are dedicated to providing you with the ultimate river cruise vacation that is luxurious, affordable and stress free. Their uniquely designed ships are spacious, impeccably designed with exquisite, colorful décor that will make you feel like royalty.

Uniworld Boutique River Cruising provides you with effortless travel, smooth sailing, convenience, breathtaking views and intimate ambiance. Become part of their world when you cruise on your next Uniworld River Cruises. The world is yours to explore, do it in sophisticated style and luxury onboard your favorite boutique ship.

As you sail across the rivers of the world you will become fascinated with what you see outside your picturesque windows from the ship. The world awaits you and is ready to show you all of its treasures. Your passion for travel will be multiplied when you experience your first cruise holiday with Uniworld River Cruises. Indulge in the beauty of the world and choose your favorite destinations to visit. You will be amazed with the unique experiences that you will encounter on your fabulous river cruises vacation.

Uniworld River Cruises Beatrice Budapest

Discover the World with Tauck River Cruises

Tauck River Cruises is much more than just a vacation, it’s an amazing experience. You are welcomed with warm greetings as you board the ship. Tauck has been operating for more than 90 years on land, sea and river. The Tauck family has had a passion for sailing yachts and small ships on seas, rivers and waterways worldwide. They are considered the best land and river cruising company in the world. In 2014, they received an award naming them the World’s Best River Cruise Line by Travel & Leisure. Their exquisite all inclusive vacations make their guests keep coming back time and time again.

Custom Designed Ship Fleet…

Tauck River Cruises has a fleet of ships that all feature luxurious and sophisticated suites and cabins. It is an intimate, relaxing environment with only 118 to 130 passengers onboard. The custom designed, spacious river boats provide personalized service and European-style dining. The ships in the fleet include the ms Swiss Emerald, ms Espirit, ms Inspire, ms Swiss Jewel, ms Swiss Sapphire, ms Savor and the ms Treasures.

All Inclusive, you’ll feel pampered….

Tauck River Cruises offers all-inclusive vacations. This means that your suite or cabin, all meals onboard and onshore, shore excursions and access to unlimited beverages including beer, wine and premium spirits is included in your vacation price. This value is unique and is not offered elsewhere in the river cruising industry. In addition, you receive impeccable service from warm, friendly and charming staff members that make you feel pampered and adored throughout your entire river cruise experience.

Food and Dining, Pure Indulgence…

You will indulge in savory, spicy and sweet dishes that are created with fresh ingredients collected from around the world. The chef’s and professional culinary staff take pride in serving amazing international cuisine that is often made from seasonal produce. Savor every bite of gourmet dishes, chocolates, desserts and more onboard your Tauck River cruise.

Amazing Destinations Offer Choice….

You have your choice of exciting destinations to choose from, including South America, Central America, New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia, Japan, India, China, Antarctica, Africa, Portugal, Spain, the Baltics, Russia, Scandinavia, Turkey, the Mediterranean, Italy, Ireland, Great Britain, France, Western Canada, the Western region of the United States, the Southern region of the United States and the Mid-region of the United States, Hawaii and Alaska. Every destination has a thrilling shore excursion to participate in.

Shore Excursions, Cultural Experiences….

Once you reach your desired destination you will be captivated, entertained and excited to explore and discover all that the location has to offer. Tauck River Cruises offers exclusive, behind-the-scenes cultural experiences and shore excursions. Bring your camera along to capture all of the memorable and amazing experiences that you will find in the heart of the city and culture.

Award-Winning River Cruises

Tauck River Cruises has award-winning river cruises that will inspire your soul and surround you with beauty and history. The delightful Danube River cruise sails through the heart of Europe. The fascinating Rhine River cruise allows you to view Gothic cathedrals, Castles, Dutch windmills and picturesque vineyards. Sail along the France River and soak in the beautiful landscapes. The ancient Roman ruins await you on the Rhone river cruise. Visit the famous Giverny Gardens where the famous artist Monet was inspired by its beauty and breathtaking serenity.

Tauck River Cruises allows you to go beyond the ordinary and discover, explore and indulge in history, culture, art and cuisine around the world. This isn’t your ordinary river cruise, Tauck River Cruises provides a unique experience and an exciting way to see the world.

You will be captivated by your adventures with Tauck. The amazing destinations will motivate you to take even more vacations per year. The staff is friendly, professional, knowledgeable and welcomes you with warmth and charm. The more frequently you sail with Tauck River Cruises, you will begin to feel like part of a family that indulges in traveling to exotic locations.

Tauck cares about the way their guests view the world. They are dedicated to providing their guests with an inspirational, captivating and amazing cruise vacation. Bring your camera along on your Tauck River Cruises to capture amazing photographs that you will cherish forever.