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4 Ships That Allow You to Enjoy the Best of Cruises from Sydney

There is absolutely no doubt, the Circular Quay in Sydney has played host to a larger number of smiling sailors than any other destination in the entire Asia-Pacific region. In 2015 alone, there was a 14 per cent increase in passengers taking long-haul vacations to the high seas; making Australia the world’s third largest hub for passionate sailors. Along with this growth, cruises from Sydney have metamorphosed from offering the routine hammy stage shows and buffet. These days, a good cruise can be the absolutely epitome of entertainment, luxury and comfort. That notwithstanding, if you are looking for maximum value, there are several things you need to do to make the most of your precious time on-board. 

Doing your research beforehand is key to selecting the right cruises from Sydney in line with your budget and lifestyle. Although there are many cheap offers on the marketplace, if you are really looking for a cosy getaway, then a less-than-stellar cruise is not going to fit the bill.

Check out some cruises from Sydney below and feel free to talk to our experts who have already cruised and identified the best deals for you. 


1.Queen Mary 2

Popularly referred to as the Grand Dame of the cruising world, the QM2 brings the city to a standstill whenever it anchors around here. Famed for its superior facilities, the $145 million ship marries classic decadence with modern technologies creating an awe-inspiring 345 metre line that plays host to 2700 guests. Inside it are 14 decks of sporting facilities, 10 dining options and 5 pools. But perhaps what sets the Queen Mary 2 miles ahead of other cruises from Sydney is the fact that a butler or concierge is always available to make sure every cruising experience is beyond satisfactory. Looking to unwind and forget the worries of this world? Inside the QM2 is a heavenly Canyon Ranch Spa club complete with a Thermal Suite and Aqua Therapy Centre ready to pamper you with exotic massages. That’s of course in addition to a host of enrichment programs, live music performances and an astronomical society. 


2.Queen Elizabeth

If you thought Queen Mary 2 was the in thing from Cunard, then you need to see Queen Elizabeth. Just as her name suggests, she is crowned with royalty and ready to take on the high seas with the diligence of a queen. Playing host to 2,068 passengers and 996 crew members, this is one of cruises from Sydney that offer five-star services. All its cabins are equipped with flat-screen TVs and mini fridges. 85% of its rooms offer ocean views with single staterooms being provided for solo cruisers. The QE is your go-to ship if you are looking for an action-packed vacation. You can enjoy a myriad of daytime activities from enrichment classes, sports courts, outdoor garden parties to dance classes. Their adult-centred entertainment is rich with variety. If you are looking to socialize with other sailors on cruises from Sydney, the grand Britannia restaurant is where you need to begin your evening while on board the QE, from there you can move to the gorgeous Queens Room ballroom or the atmospheric Commodore Lounge. Planning for a private sailing experience? Queen Elizabeth’s elaborate class system means you can enjoy exclusive lounges, sunning areas as well as restaurants. 



The Marina is an instant darling to those looking for personalized services. First, it has a decent passenger to crew member’s ratio, whereby 1,250 are served by 800 crew members. Besides that, it offers signature Oceania amenities like whirlpools, casino and the ever-coveted Canyon Ranch Spa Club casino. When it comes to meals, you can choose from any one of the nine dining venues including the Jacques (a specialty restaurant) and Asian-inspired Red Ginger eatery. The Marina is however more than just about food and exclusivity, it’s wide range of enrichment programs ranging from cooking classes to lessons in the Artist Loft means you can enjoy more than just the sailing experience. Their amazing cruises from Sydney are designed for the inquisitive and quality-inspired customers. They offer itineraries to interesting ports and upscale touches – all for prices much lower than one would expect. The ship is complete with intimate public spaces which equally reflect the importance of socializing. However, if you are looking for privacy, then you can reside in one of the thickly padded lounges or private cabanas available for rent. As far as cruises from Sydney are concerned, the Marina is a cut above the rest in terms of value-proportion. Suitable for clients who value a luxury package offered in a refined environment. 


4.Pacific Pearl

The Pacific Pearl is a floating Utopia of luxurious accommodation, delicious dining and exciting activities. You will certainly fall in love with its intimate setting thanks to its 11 decks that are made to accommodate 1,800 passengers across a length of 247 metres. Dominating the Australian, South Pacific and New Zealand environs, the ship is renowned for its roomy windows some that allow one to enjoy convenient ocean views. Depending on your budget you can choose to live in the affordable mini-suites or the ocean views, staterooms or interconnecting family rooms. Irrespective of which room you go for, you are sure to find a flat-screen TV, desks, fridges, safes and personalised services. As far as entertainment is concerned, this is one of the cruises from Sydney offering circus performances. There are acrobatics, trapeze artists, fire twirlers as well as jugglers. If you are the adventurous type, you can try your hand at rally driving using the race simulators or simply take a dip in an outdoor pool. Looking to spend some quality moments with your other half? Well, you can take some time out in the hot tubs, the Oasis retreat, gym, spas or the library where you’ll be refreshed in no time.


Final Word

Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list of cruises from Sydney available on offer. With so many cruise lines competing for bragging rights, it’s you the sailor who stands to benefit. But in order for that to happen, you need to first of all whittle down the options by deciding what kind of cruise you want. Therefore, if you are tempted by a holiday at the high seas, it would be a good idea to consult our expert suggestions. We can be of immense help to your research and even help you find best-valued packages with ease.