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Avalon Waterways Luxury River Cruises provides unique holidays, exquisite food, beautiful destinations and affordable luxury. They have a close relationship with Globus, which has more than 85 years experience planning itineraries around the world and providing guests with unique opportunities, experiences and excursions that create memories to last a lifetime. Avalon Waterways takes pride in raising the bar with their passion for detail and their drive to create extraordinary experiences and holidays for their guests.

Extraordinary Youngest Fleet of River Cruises ships….

When you travel on the Avalon Waterway state-of-the-art ships you are surrounded by luxury and beauty. The award-winning fleet is the youngest fleet for European River Cruises today. Avalon Waterways is dedicated to creating the best ships that offer thoughtful functionality, beautiful décor, inspired design, innovative technology and large staterooms using the highest quality materials. They are involved with developing and creating the ship design and every detail until the finished product is delivered. You can be assured you are traveling on exquisite ships every time you vacation with Avalon Waterways.

Exquisitely Designed Accommodation….

Your suite or stateroom becomes your home away from home. You can enjoy relaxing, solitude moments in your room that is exquisitely designed to perfection. Your bed faces a wall of glass that provides you Avalon River Cruises Exquisitely Designed Fleetwith breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean and landscape. The bathrooms are spacious and have elegant décor such as premium fixtures, marble countertops and are filled with luxurious L’Occitane bath products for you to indulge in and enjoy. You willbe surrounded by luxury, elegance and sophistication that will inspire your spirit to be peaceful and relaxed.

Delectable Food….

Savor every bite of food and every sip of wine as you indulge in hand crafted recipes created by culinary artisans. They use the highest quality ingredients to create unique dishes and that will impress you and have you desiring more. All of the a’ la carte meals include a variety of delectable dishes. They also offer vegetarian dishes and other healthy options. Your dining choices include breakfast buffets, afternoon tea, lunch buffet, Chef-inspired regional and Western recipes, four-course dinners, drink specials and much more. You are sure to enjoy the many delectable dishes, drinks and desserts.

Exciting Destinations….

You will be captivated by the beauty, history, art and culture at every port of call. Avalon Waterways River Cruises can escort you in luxurious style to amazing destinations around the world, including Europe, Asia, South America and North America. You can also choose their wonderful Christmas River Cruises as well as their themed river cruises.

Intriguing Land Excursions….

Immerse yourself into the culture at every port of call with Avalon Waterways award-winning land programs. You have access to world-class guides that will help you experience each destination to its fullest. They will explain details about the history of the city, people, art, cuisine and much more. There are daily port lectures at every port of call plus you can enjoy guided sightseeing tours led by certified local guides that can expose the deepest secrets of the city. When attending one of these amazing tours, you also have VIP access to unique experiences and you will never have to wait on long lines.  Explore the city and allow yourself to be immersed in the culture of each unique land you visit.

Remember to bring along your camera to every destination. You will find yourself taking pictures and capturing unique, once in a lifetime moments during your entire holiday. Your adventure begins the moment you step onto the award-winning vessel and are greeted by professional, friendly and warm welcoming staff.

Leave your everyday life and itinerary behind and completely savor every moment of luxury onboard and at each exciting destination. Avalon Waterways is proud to offer their guests a river cruises holiday of a lifetime. You will be surrounded by elegance, sophistication and serenity as you travel from destination to destination. You will experience amazing destinations in a new and exciting way. You will feel so comfortable and your spirit will be filled with happiness as you enjoy your river cruises with Avalon Waterways. Serenity, peace, indulgence, delicious cuisine, adventure and luxury await you. You will have an experience of a lifetime that will make you want to holiday with Avalon Waterways River Cruises every chance you get.

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